individual treatments

At the start of a reflexology treatment we discuss in detail your current health and lifestyle, and your medical history and we determine any particular focus that is required of this treatment. The reflexologist then applies pressure to the feet (or hands), working over the various body systems. Trained hands may detect imbalances and subtle changes on the feet. Working on these areas may affect the corresponding organ to help balance it, increasing the blood supply etc to encourage healing. 
A full reflexology treatment usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour but in some cases shorter, more frequent treatments may be recommended to deal with a specific problem/illness.


Aromatherapy is the safe use of essential oils from plants to aid in healing the mind, body and the spirit. In massage,  essential oils enter the bloodstream through the skin and via inhalation. They affect the brain directly through the olfactory system in our nose. This is important when using aromatherapy to ease emotional imbalances like anxiety, depression and stress.

Essential oils are highly fragrant and are extracted from flowers, bark, roots, leaves and twigs.  They have many and varied properties. e.g. anti-inflammatory(chamomile oil), uplifting(bergamot), relaxing(lavender).

Aromatherapy may benefit a wide range of disorders e.g. respiratory conditions, anxiety, stress, skin conditions, bereavement. Some oils are used for their balancing effects on the hormones and nervous system.
Essential oils can have a positive effect on our mood.

As well as offering Aromatherapy massages and facials, Dee makes bespoke skin care products, using organic essential oils.

What happens when I have an Aromatherapy massage?

The Aromatherapist will take a full medical history to help decide which oils are most appropriate for you. The essential oils will then be blended and added to an organic carrier oil for your massage.

Following your treatment, your Aromatherapist may recommend a blend for you to use at home, for application on the skin or to add to your bath. In this way you can carry on with the benefits of your treatment at home, between visits.

Aromatherapy Facials

The Natural Facelift

This "Natural Facelift" uses a combination of techniques to energise and awaken the facial muscles. These muscle-energising techniques can be very effective for tension-reduction and stress relief.
This is a bespoke treatment to suit your specific skin-type, using a blend of 100% organic base oils and specially selected organic essential oils.
The hands and arms, or feet are massaged while your face absorbs a nourishing mask.

Following your treatment, a bespoke moisturiser can be prepared at your request.

workplace treatments

Reflexology and massage are ideal therapies to help people combat stress and achieve better work/life balance.  Why not give your staff access to on-site stress reducing and uplifting treatments?

These sessions last from 3-6 hours and can be set up to offer anything from 20 minute taster sessions to full 45 minute treatments.  Taster sessions are a great way to discover the benefits of reflexology. This is a simple and cost-effective way to promote health in the workplace and show staff that you care.

To enable corporate treatments you must be able to provide a quiet, private room. I will provide a relaxing recliner together with towels, calming music, oils and massage creams.

treatments for children

Reflexology is safe and effective for children, but treatments will generally be much shorter (20-30 minutes).
Parents will be asked to sign a consent form for anyone under 18 years, and to remain present during the treatment.  Parents can be taught simple but very effective reflexology techniques to use at home.